Now that 2020 is underway and you’ve undoubtedly researched every conference and event you want to attend (right?), it’s time to start thinking about how to make the events work for you. Approaching a networking opportunity with a game plan is the only way to fully take advantage of the connections you make. Walking in blindly and thinking you can simply “wing it” will only result in you wasting your own time and money.

Before the Bar

To help law students make the most of their networking, Lindsay Griffiths from the Before the Bar blog has detailed several ways for students to master networking events in her article, “13 best practices for attending networking events”. As you prepare for your schedule of upcoming conferences, be sure to review Griffiths’ article and employ her tips.

Remember: every event, panel discussion, job fair and lunch meeting held at McGeorge is a networking opportunity for law students – and you don’t even have to travel! Additionally, be sure to take advantage of the Career Development Office’s conference reimbursement policy, which allows all students to be reimbursed up to $150 each year for conference-related expenses. Click here to see further details and access the online form. Keep an eye on upcoming events on MCO, the weekly Docket, or the Events tab here, and put these best practices to work.