Lawyers come from all walks of life. For some, the law is in their blood – their father was a lawyer, their mother was a judge, their grandfather was a police sergeant, etc. For others, the life of a lawyer became the ultimate goal after witnessing injustices in their community and wanting to make a change for the greater good. Some lawyers may have been drawn by the intricacies of law and the precision required to become a top-tier litigator, and yet more may have simply grown tired of their previous career and were searching for a new challenge. Whatever the case may be, the unique experiences and backgrounds that are brought to law school can be used to become a better and more effective lawyer, regardless of how far from law they may first appear.

James “Jamie” Holland

For example, see this recent article from ABA Journal about TV-star-turned-lawyer, James “Jamie” Holland. He’s used common practices from his acting career to become a more effective trial lawyer – things like telling a story to the audience (i.e. jurors) rather than just the dry facts, rehearsing and recording his arguments to critically analyze any instances where he appears uncertain or hesitant, analyzing whether or not his body language and vocal cadence are conveying the same confidence in his argument that he feels, and more. He shared several tips on how to become a more convincing lawyer, which any trial lawyer can use to their benefit.

Check out the article above and see how you can implement some of his tips to improve your trial advocacy skills.