It is with pride, excitement, and sadness, that we announce that Molly Stafford, Asst. Dean of Career Development & External Relations, is embarking on a new adventure and leaving her position at McGeorge to work with the Prison and Reentry Education Program (PREP) at Folsom Lake College, working with students who are incarcerated or have recently been released from prison.

“After 12 amazing years in the McGeorge CDO, I am ready to follow the advice I have often given students, and take a career leap that I know will grow and challenge me to become the best version of myself.  

I cannot begin to describe my gratitude to all of you: Students, you continually inspire me. I have learned so much from you. Colleagues, you have made it a true joy to come to work for the last twelve years.  We have shared so many moments together—and so much laughter and some tears too—that I will never forget.  Dean Schwartz, thank you for supporting me on this journey; you have lead our team with deep care, humor, and positivity. Professors, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you for everything you do to promote our students’ career successes. Alumni community, including our stellar Board Members, you regularly astound me with your commitment to supporting our students and McGeorge. I am lucky to know you.”

We are putting something together to celebrate Molly/Dean Stafford/Prof. S. If you would like to include a message of congratulations or share a memory of Molly, please email them directly to