What’s better than landing an interview with some of the best private firms and public agencies across the country? Getting an interview with them and doing it from the comfort and familiarity of your school’s campus. McGeorge is excited to host another round of early On-Campus Interviews (OCI) this August, and you can see a full list of participating employers by logging on to McGeorgeCareersOnline and navigating to the OCI tab.

BE AWARE: Application deadlines are less than a month away! Before applying, have the CDO review your application materials by sending them to lawcareers@pacific.edu. To make your bid for an interview, be sure to submit your documents for consideration by the following deadlines:

  • Early OCI Group 1: Monday, July 8
  • Early OCI Group 2: Monday, July 15
  • Early OCI Group 3: Monday, July 29


Need additional help with OCI? Email Isabella Hannon at ihannon@pacific.edu.