Before becoming a licensed attorney, law students must apply for bar admission and, crucially, pass the character and fitness requirements. The last thing you want is for all of your hard work to be undone because of a simple oversight or omission from three years ago. It’s easy to think that you would never have done such a thing, but assuming that these words of caution don’t apply to you may result in a major headache later on. One of the most efficient ways to ensure that your bar application goes through without issue is by following these tips from Before the Bar’s article, which details the importance of maintaining accurate records of your character and fitness and how to properly amend any inconsistencies.


McGeorge students who want to review or amend their law school applications should contact Dean Carr to request access to their documents. In addition to amending discrepancies when you find them, remember that you have a continuing duty to keep the school informed of potential character and fitness issues that arise throughout your time in law school.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to starting your career as a licensed attorney.