“Studying abroad is a marvelous way to immerse yourself in another culture, to challenge yourself to learn how people in other cultures live and experience life, and to learn how to communicate effectively across cultures.  As the world gets smaller, it becomes progressively more important for American lawyers to have these skills to serve their clients effectively, both at home and abroad.”

– Jeff Proske | Associate Dean of Administration, McGeorge School of Law

Having a well-rounded education is only the first step in becoming a successful professional, regardless of the career you pursue. Awareness and sensitivity to other cultures is especially important for lawyers because clients are as diverse as the cases they bring. Jeff Proske, Associate Dean of Administration at McGeorge, notes that studying abroad while in law school is one of the best ways not only to immerse yourself in another culture and learn about how others live, but also how to effectively communicate across cultures in a professional setting. Preparing to take part in McGeorge’s study abroad program in Salzburg for the first time this summer as the undergraduate professor of The Art & Science of Negotiation, Dean Proske is living by his words. Students who have participated in the Salzburg Summer Program say it is an incredibly unique opportunity and one of the best experiences they’ve had, in law school or otherwise.

McGeorge Salzburg Event
Salzburg Closing Dinner. From left to right: Abby Sedra (’21), Hannah Martinez (’21), Shereen Basi (’21), and Mondana Koshfam (’21).

“If you’re on the fence [about participating], I would highly recommend doing it,” says Shereen Basi (McGeorge class of 2021), who participated in both the 2019 Salzburg Summer Program and an international internship in Berlin with CMS Hasche Sigle as part of the full European Summer Experience. Taking advantage of both opportunities allowed Shereen to have a cultural experience whereby she was fully immersed in another culture both socially and professionally. Despite being selected to take part in a prestigious fellowship in California that ran simultaneous to the Salzburg Summer Program, Shereen explains that she ultimately chose to study abroad because “it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and even though the [fellowship] was another excellent program, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do this again… [And] I still keep in touch with the attorneys I worked with.” Outside of the classroom, students are able to travel and experience all that Austria and the surrounding countries have to offer. From bustling city centers to mountainous landscapes, Salzburg has something for everyone to enjoy.

Just remember that things in Sacramento don’t come to halt while you’re overseas! The fall semester will begin shortly after the Salzburg Summer Program ends, and you can use your international experience to standout to employers during things like OCI. Shereen was able to secure a job offer through Early OCI immediately following her summer abroad, explaining that “the first question employers asked me during interviews was, ‘You were in Europe all summer – how was that?’ So people are just really interested in the experience and were excited to see that McGeorge offers this [program]. A lot of employers said I probably wouldn’t get another opportunity like that, so it made me feel like I definitely made the right decision to go.”

The program this upcoming summer will feature special guest lecturer Scott Boras (McGeorge class of 1982), one of the most successful sports agents in professional baseball and president of the Boras Corporation. Having negotiated Alex Rodriguez’s 10-year, $275 million contract with the New York Yankees and Barry Zito’s seven-year, $126 million contract with the San Francisco Giants, Mr. Boras will provide students with incomparable insights into legal negotiations and the world of sports law. With limited spots remaining for the 2020 session, all interested students are encouraged to apply for the Salzburg Summer Program and international internships now. The application deadline is March 15, 2020, and priority is given to early applicants.

Questions about the study abroad program can be directed to the Summer Abroad Program Office at mcgeorgesummerabroad@pacific.edu.