At this time last year, most people could only dream of spending their days at home, “going” to class or working from the comfort of their couch. Today, that’s the reality the vast majority of us find ourselves in, and it’s not the cushy and care-free life we had envisioned. We’re not being “allowed” to attend class and work remotely – we have to do those things remotely because state and federal orders are prohibiting most people from leaving there house for anything but essential activities. With virtual classes and remote working presenting an unknown challenge to both students and experienced lawyers, now is the time to forge a new path yourself.

Above The Law recently published an article detailing a handful of tips for students and lawyers facing feelings of unease and uncertainty after the legal profession has seemingly been turned on its head overnight. For anyone stressing about how they’re going to find a job in today’s climate, or anyone who’s trying to progress their career goals, the tips here may prove invaluable.

You can read the article in full at the following link: “4 Steps To Growing A Legal Career In Sweatpants”.