The “McGeorge Legacies” blog series allows our current students and alumni to share their experiences, passions, and lessons with our community. While many legacy students find their passion for the law through a family member’s experience, they often forge their own path once they begin their personal journey through law school. We are proud of everything our alumni have accomplished, and we can’t wait to see where our current students will go.

This week we heard from Skye Dawson (class of 2022) and her father, Norman “Norm” Dawson (class of 1993), as they shared their legal journeys. Short excerpts are below, and you can read Skye and Norm’s full stories here.

Skye Dawson: “Having a lawyer father, I understood what a legal career could do – not just for me, but for those I care about and those I have not even met. There have been countless times where someone has come to my father on their worst day and after only a short period of time talking to them, he made them feel better about their situation.”

Norm Dawson: “As time went on my law school friends moved on to other positions. I have remained in the Public Defender’s Office. My career has been very eventful and most enjoyable. I love litigating and there is no better place to be a trial attorney.”