Claire Yazigi (’04). Second row, center.

You can learn a lot from attorneys that have come before you. Specifically, those that have sat in the very classrooms where you now learn can offer unique insights about the law school experience in Sacramento, finding a job, and advancing your career. McGeorge alumni know how to find success without the name of a top 3 law school to open doors. Alumni Board Member and Administrative Law Judge Claire Yazigi (’04), Office of Administrative Hearings, offered this piece of advice:

I couldn’t find a job posting that fit my parameters.

“Most people have a lucky number, but I have a lucky letter.  As a 1L I was having difficulty finding an internship suited to my interests.  I opened up (an artifact known as!) the yellow pages and started cold-calling Sacramento probate attorneys. I didn’t get any takers, until I got to the letter D.  I convinced a solo practitioner to take me on as an intern and teach me what she knew about probate practice.

Upon graduation, I encountered the same situation, plus a competitive job market.  I couldn’t find a job posting that fit my parameters.  Once again, I started at the top of the alphabet and began cold-calling law offices.  I got a lot of rejections and best wishes until I got to the letter D.  I got my first job as an attorney with a small firm in Placer County where I was hired to head up their probate practice.  That job was my introduction into being an attorney, and I learned so much.  I credit that firm with teaching me the practical basics of lawyering that I carry with me to this day.

Don’t be afraid to make your own way.”

– Claire Yazigi, ‘04