Danielle Koontz, class of 2024

The McGeorge Alternative Summer Advantage Program (“McGeorge ASAP”) is a self-directed volunteer summer legal research project created by alum Lexi Purich Howard and former Asst. Dean of Career Development Molly Stafford in response to COVID-19.  Today, the program provides students with a means of fine-tuning their research and writing skills while discussing a subject they are passionate about. This week’s ASAP paper was authored by Danielle Koontz (2L, 2024) under the mentorship of Richard E. Williamson (’85), founder at Ezer Williamson Law.

The purpose of this research is to examine possible issues that need to be addressed in the National Collegiate Athletics Association’s (the “NCAA”) new name, image, and likeness (“NIL”) legislation. This research will examine the Fair Pay to Play Act (the “FPPA”) that has been enacted by several states by discussing what aspects of the FPPA should be included in the NCAA’s new legislation and elaborating on contractual issues that have yet to be addressed.”

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