“Under the law, all people are created equal” – that’s the idea, at least. In a society saturated with tabloids, news outlets, and social media platforms, it’s nearly impossible to go a single day without coming across some kind of racially-charged issue. Much of the spotlight is given to issues of discrimination, and rightly so as many people need to see that these problems are real and flourishing in the volatile political climates around the world. But just as important are the people attempting to bridge the gap and fight the injustices levied against minorities. Among this group is the California District Attorney Association Foundation and their initiative, the California Prosecutor’s Diversity Project.

Minority under-representation in prosecution offices has led to a perceived legislative-bias against individuals of color, particularly as lawyers in the public sector often help advise elected leaders in matters of public policy. The Diversity Project works to increase the population of minority prosecutors, improving the perception of fairness under the law in the surrounding communities. Their website provides resources for minority law students and lawyers interested in a career as a prosecutor, including a job board, several internship opportunities, and minority associations. While diversity issues still loom large and heavy, initiatives like these are taking steps to a brighter and more equal future.

McGeorge students considering a career in prosecution should explore the Diversity Project’s website, as well as the various student organizations on campus, and utilize its resources to better prepare for the road ahead. For more information about how best to utilize the resources and opportunities available (such as the SCBA 1L Diversity Fellowship), make an appointment with a CDO advisor today.