Prisoner protest

As countries around the world continue to grapple with inadequate prison conditions, law students in the U.S. have become fierce advocates for incarcerated individuals. Fighting systemic injustices, these students have fought to improve living conditions, provide medical treatment, and reduce practices such as solitary confinement in prisons, among many other issues facing some of the

L-R Front row: Marisa Uribe (UC Davis) and Stephanie Allen (McGeorge). Back row: Omar Figueroa (McGeorge), Emma James (McGeorge), and Matthew Lanthier (UC Davis).

The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office welcomed three McGeorge students to its 2021 Summer/Fall internship program: Stephanie Allen (3L), Emma James (2L), and Omar Figueroa (2L); along

As part of your experiential learning requirement at McGeorge, you may be confused by one term in particular: “externships”. Externships are one of the options available to McGeorge students to fulfill their experiential learning requirement if they are not able or not interested in joining one of the clinics. But what exactly are they, and are they the same as an internship?

Externships, to be clear, are nearly synonymous with internships. Externs perform similar, if not identical, work as their intern counterparts. The biggest difference is that you will receive academic credit for an externship, whereas an internship is typically done outside the scope of any academic curriculum and may or may not involve financial compensation. McGeorge’s Externship Program has 100+ pre-approved externships available to law students spanning several practice areas with a plethora of government agencies, chambers, non-profits, and select private firms. Externs learn how to apply their legal knowledge to real cases, consult with actual clients, collaborate with active attorneys, improve their research and writing skills, and in some cases, even represent clients in court. It’s a great way to gain real-world experience under the guidance of practicing attorneys. Most externs will reaffirm their passion for their career goals through this hands-on program, while some students realize that their image of a particular career path doesn’t fit with reality, allowing them to easily alter their focus before they’ve committed too much time to a career they ultimately wouldn’t have been satisfied with.Continue Reading Externship vs. Internship: Which Is It?

Losing your summer associate job may feel like the world is crashing down around you, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Alternatives to summer associate positions are out there, it’s up to you to take advantage of them. Future employers will want to see that you used your time wisely after losing a summer associate position, and there are many ways for you to show them that your work ethic and enthusiasm for the law didn’t dry up with the job market.


If your summer associate job offer has been rescinded, one of the first places you should look to replace it is right under your nose: McGeorge. Not only are many alumni asking us to post open positions in their offices on McGeorgeCareersOnline (MCO), but professors at McGeorge are now hiring more Research Assistants than in previous years in an effort to aid our students. The increase in these positions means there are many opportunities available for those looking to get some practical experience on their resume. Not only are RA positions paid jobs, but they typically involve working just a few hours each night, allowing them to be combined with other full- or part-time positions if you’re able to line up something else, as well. Additionally, the CDO will continue to send out our “Hot Jobs” emails throughout the summer, which highlights various open positions found on MCO.Continue Reading Alternatives to Summer Associate Positions

One of the many advantages provided by McGeorge to its students is access to a vast network of legal professionals through alumni events, employer networking events, outside-speaker presentations, and more. Josh White, a 2021 J.D. candidate, has recounted his own path at McGeorge that has led him to a highly-coveted summer position with the Vera