Months of studying, sleepless nights, and (probably) an unhealthy amount of caffeine is about to pay off. You survived your clinics and externships, you survived law school – one more test and you’ll be a certified lawyer. As you finish your preparations for the bar exam next week, just remember: You got this.

Hopefully you’ve been able to take advantage of some of the bar prep tips we shared earlier, but if not, there’s still time to implement some changes! Over the next few days you’ll likely be trying to cram those last bits of information that just don’t quite seem to stick in your brain, and that’s ok. Just make sure you don’t fry your brain and mentally overwhelm yourself in these final days leading up to the exam.

So go ahead and have that extra coffee, read over your attack sheets, and get ready to pass the bar. We’re looking forward to celebrating with you at the post-bar reception on Wednesday night!